Zinc flakE

AAKAR considers itself to be a , “COATING SOLUTION PROVIDER”, rather than a “COATING INDUSTRY”

About Us

AAKAR, a well managed Ahmedabad based Company,

is a multi process service conglomerate. It provides services as well as solutions in the field of Colour coating. The technocrats continuously exploring various techniques to provide good protection against corrosion and rusting coincide with a new look to the finished products.


AAKAR is specialized in providing customized coating shades, have a strong R&D, Long term relationship with customers and achieving excellence by continuous improvement.

Looking to the existing market requirement and to overcome the problem of corrosion, AAKAR has introduced a new process of coating namely ZINC FLAKE COATING


A Unique coating process

This is one of the unique coating processes that provides a sparkling effect to the article. It is a non electrolytically applied coating which provides good protection against corrosion andd rusting.

Coating Comprising of Zinc and Aluminium

Our Solvent based base coat comprises of Zinc and Aluminium flakes which are bonded together by an inorganic matrix. This forms a thin Anti-corrosive film to provide a protective layer on the article and give a silver coloured finish. Various processes such as cleaning, Shot blasting, spraying/dipping as well as precision heating are carried out for the bet result.

A better look along with Good protection

This coating is extremely successful in giving better look as well as protection from Corrosion and Rusting, particularly valuable articles/products. Further it is a cost effective superior corrosion protection system with resistance to Auto fluids and Chemicals.

Protection Against Corrosion and Rusting Coincide With a New Look


COLOUR                                                                                     : SILVER GREY

COATING LAYER THICKNESS                                              : 8 – 12 Micron

CHEMICAL TEST                                                                      : PASSES WITH MEK, AUTOMATIVE & FUEL TESTS AND ACID TEST AT 2ph

Attached herewith are photographs of some of the Samples showing Zinc Flake Coating, which we hope will give you a better idea about the process and result: